Thank you for your interest in volunteering at BGCMV!

  • Please note the following before submitting applications:


    * Due to recent policy changes through the National Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the volunteering process has changed. Anyone wanting to volunteer at our Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley club sites will have to cover their background check report and fingerprinting fees. Please wait to pay the fee until you have met with club directors. Other information/requirements as follows:


    • All volunteers, regardless of age, are required to pass a background and reference check.
    • We do not assist with court-mandated community service.
    • You must be at least 21 years old to volunteer at the Teen Centers.
    • If you are in high school and need volunteer hours for graduation, please turn in any paperwork.
    • All volunteers are required to complete volunteer trainings as assigned by the volunteer coordinator.
    • The background check and fingerprinting fee must be paid at the time of submitting your information and prior to your volunteer start date.


    If you have any questions, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Maria Sanchez at




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