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What is the Boys and Girls Clubs?

The Boys and Girls Clubs of America is a national organization that provides affordable after school programs for youth ages 6-18. Boys and Girls Clubs are found in all 50 states and is consistently ranked one of best organization for youth in the country. Nation-wide, BGCA serves more than 4 million youth in 4,000 Clubs.The local chapter in the Quad Cities is the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley.

What makes BGCMV different that other after school programs?

There are characteristics that touch most youth agencies; however, the Boys and Girls Club of the Mississippi Valley demonstrates these unique characteristics:

  • Building Centered — The Boys and Girls Club is a place, an actual building designed for youth programs and activities.
  • For All Boys and Girls — We serve all boys and girls ages 6-18.
  • Daily Access to Programs — The Boys and Girls Club is open when youth need us the most. We are open Monday-Friday when youth have free time and need positive alternatives. We are also open on non-holidays when members are not in school.
  • Affordable — Our members pay no more than $25 per program and no child is ever turned away due to inability to pay.
  • Accessible and Community Based — Our Clubs are located in neighborhoods where kids need us the most and similar resources are not available. 
  • Trained Professional Staff —Trained and caring youth development professionals provide daily guidance and supervision to Club members and serve as role models and mentors.
  • Tested, Proven Curriculums — Our Club members participate in a variety of programs in the areas of: Education and Career Development; Character and Leadership Development; Health and Life Skills; The Arts; and Sports, Fitness and Recreation.

Are you the same as Big Brothers Big Sisters?

No, BBBS is a 1:1 mentoring program where the youth and mentor go on outings a few times a month. BGC is a comprehensive youth development program that serves all its members in one place every day during out of school hours.

What does a typical day at BGCMV look like?

During the school year, all members are expected to complete their homework daily during Power Hour. Staff and volunteers are on hand to assist with any questions members may have.

After that, members participate in different activities. We have a wide variety of programs that are in our five Core Program Areas: Education and Career Development, Character and Leadership Development, Health and Life Skills, The Arts, and Sports, Fitness, and Recreation. For more information about our core programs, please see the Program tab of this website.

We also provide guest speakers, special events, and field trips to our members.

After program time, members have Social Recreation time, where they can learn recreation games such as pool or ping pong, play video games, finish art projects, and have free time with their friends.All of our clubs provide a snacks and meals for members daily.

Who can belong to the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley?

Any child between the ages of 6-18 years old that is currently enrolled in school.

How much does it cost to be a member at the BGCMV?

Davenport and Moline Club: $15 per year. The Club and Davenport Teen Center: $30 per year. Additional fees may apply to our Summer Programs.

Why are your fees so low?

We intentionally keep our fees low so that we are accessible to all children. Our target population is those who are most at risk.

How are you funded?

All of our funding comes from individual and corporate donations, grants and special events.

What special events do you have?

Our events include a gala in January, a golf outing in July, a fishing derby in August, and a wine tasting/art auction in the spring. Please see our Events tab for additional information.

What are your hours of operation?

Davenport and Moline Club: Afterschool until 6:00. The Club: Afterschool until 7:30. Davenport Teen Center: Afterschoool until 7:00. Summer Hours, Early Dismissals, and No School Days vary. Please see the Calendar for specific days and times.

Where are you located?

  • Moline Club, 406 7th Street, Moline, IL
  • Davenport Club, First Presbyterian Church, 1702 Iowa Street, Davenport, IA
  • The Club, 1122 5th Avenue, Moline, IL
  • Daveport Teen Center, 1702 N. Main Street, Davenport IA

How do you keep so many children in your program?

BGCMV is NOT a court-ordered program. Members come to Club because they want to. The number one reason kids come to Club is to have FUN. This is a drop-in program so they can leave at any time. We keep it fun so they want to stay.


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