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The 2018 Birdies for Charity program was launched in April. You may have received a letter and form from us, asking you to consider a donation this year. Every dollar you give to BGCMV through Birdies helps us provide quality programs and services for our Club Members.  

It is gratifying to know that 100% of every pledge collected goes directly to your specified charity. The John Deere Foundation covers all administrative costs to make that possible. Plus, the tournament takes its profits each year and delivers a second check from between 5% and 10% of that charity's final total to make the deal even sweeter. There is no more impactful way for you to help BGCMV!

If you are interested in making a pledge through Birdies for Charity, please contact Katie Carton at or 309-757-5777, or visit Thank you again for your support!


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