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GREAT Cardboard Sled Race
Event Information

The Cardboard Sled Race scheduled for Monday, February 20th, has been canceled due to the high forecast temperatures. While we are excited about the nice weather, unfortunately those temps aren't conducive to making and keeping snow on the ground! We're sad to cancel but hope you all enjoy the weekend. We look forward to seeing you at next year's race!


Join us for this year's GREAT Cardboard Sled Race on Presidents Day-Monday, February 20th! The races will be held at Snowstar Winter Park in Andalusia, IL on the tubing hill. This year, start time is 9:00 AM, with check in from 8:00-8:30 AM in the main lodge!

In the weeks prior to Sled Race, participants construct a sled out of ONLY cardboard, duct tape and paint. There will be an award for the most creative sled!

**Every registrant must sign up under a team name. Even if you will race as an individual, please include a team name!**

**New this year, no day of registrations allowed. All participants must be registered by 12:00 PM on February 18th.**

Thank you to our amazing sponsors!


Rules for Sled Construction

Cost for participation is $10 per participant, not per sled.  

Design Guidelines:

1. Only regular cardboard, duct tape and paint, markers & crayons can be used in construction of the cardboard sleds.

2. Sleds cannot be wrapped in plastic or shrink wrapped.

3. No wood, glue, industrial adhesives, staples, rope or wire will be permitted on a sled.

4. Keep design family friendly. No profanity allowed!

Race Rules:

1. Participants are strongly encouraged to wear helmets. Bike helmets are OK. Costumes are welcomed! We also highly encourage boots, hats, snow pants, and gloves.

2. Push starts only. No running starts.

3. Maximum of 3 participants per sled.

4. All sleds, parts, and participants must cross the finish line.

Race Categories:

1. 3 - 7 years old

2. 8-11 years old

3. 12-18 years old

4. Adult 

Teams will compete in the age bracket of the oldest team member.


1. Two or more sleds race in each heat. The winner of each heat goes back to the starting line for elimination heats after all sleds in the category have run their first heat. We will not have timed heats.

2. The judging for Best Sled Design will occur before the first race.

3. Awards will be given to the champion and runner-up for each category and will be presented at the conclusion of all races.




First time building a sled? Need fresh ideas? Check out these websites!

Cardboard Sled Design Ideas


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